About Us

Here's what we're all about...

MySafetySurvey is an actionable, research-based online perception survey that collects information from workers to help organizations understand overall safety culture attitudes.

Workers are provided an actionable scorecard while employers analyze their aggregated results and trends across various dimensions of influence and can compare them against industry averages.

There is no cost for Alberta-based workers and organizations to access the resource, while respected industry partners sustain the initiative by providing donations to support continued development and sustainability efforts.

The platform.

Developed by a team of researchers and technical professionals led by Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti at the University of Alberta, MySafetySurvey (formerly Injury Alberta) was architected as a platform with extensibility in mind.

Derived entirely by an exhaustive collection of the world’s latest research related to workplace risk and management, the resource is being developed to accommodate new and emerging research so as to future-proof every hour of work that is invested in the project.

MySafetySurvey also implements leading edge analytics technologies to accommodate the latest intelligence methodologies and tools.

The technology.

MySafetySurvey is currently accessible by modern web browsers and implements leading-edge technology infrastructure components including Microsoft SQL Server. The resource is hosted within Amazon’s secure and scalable cloud platform.

Advanced security mechanisms have been built into the platform including bank-level SSL encryption and database encryption-at-rest, in addition to the utilization of one-way encrypted hashed passwords.

Phase one.

A $212,500 creative sentencing award by the Government of Alberta allowed for the completion of the following items:

  • Research-supported analytics model
  • Platform development / data architecture
  • Worker survey & scorecard

Phase two.

Phase two involves the development of the employer portal to allow organizations to manage their own private and secure profile. Development objectives include:

  • Private analytics & industry benchmarking
  • Policy mapping & corrective actions
  • Survey campaigns
  • Employer branding
  • Notifications and reporting

Value proposition.

Following is only a partial list of the benefits MySafetySurvey can provide to participating organizations:

  • Free, zero-cost perception surveys
  • Accessible by anyone, anytime, anywhere
  • Immediate, actionable worker feedback
  • Anonymous, encrypted data
  • Private employer-specific dashboard
  • Employer-specific survey campaigns
  • Address ‘taboo’ issues
  • Leading global research
  • Satisfy COR maintenance audit component (efforts are currently underway to have MySafetySurvey approved for use)
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Evergreen research
  • Resident expert resources

Get involved.

MySafetySurvey is funded entirely by industry. While worker surveys and basic analytics are free and accessible by any Alberta-based organization, without the continued support of organizations like yours the initiative would not be sustainable.

Please join our growing group of respected industry partners and contribute to the initiative’s success by making a small contribution.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with additional details that you can provide to your finance group to facilitate a donation.